4 Ways to Live Together after Filing for Divorce

Even if you and your spouse both want a divorce, it can sometimes be difficult to gather the financial resources to immediately separate. As a result, you and your spouse could end up living together after the divorce papers have been filed and before the actual divorce occurs. Here are some tips to help you and your spouse co-exist while going through a divorce.

Check the State Laws

In some states, you have to be physically separated for a period of time before your divorce can be finalized. If you and your spouse continue to live together, you could be putting your chances of getting a divorce within the near future at risk. To ensure that your divorce is on track, check the state laws before continuing your cohabitation. You should also discuss the situation with your divorce lawyer to learn whether or not there are other ways you could jeopardize your divorce while living with your spouse. 

Identify Financial Obligations

Now that you and your spouse are not living together as man and wife anymore, it is important that you determine who is responsible for paying certain bills. By taking the time to determine the obligations of each person, you can potentially avoid arguments. To get started, list all of the household expenses and then decide how you plan to split the bills. It is important that both parties honor the arrangement. 

Be Discreet about Dating

Regardless of the fact you and your spouse are getting divorced, it is important that you are discreet if you start dating. Bringing home dates can complicate matters because your spouse might not be as comfortable as he or she has professed to be about the situation. While living together, avoid uncomfortable moments by skipping out on bringing home dates. 

Divide Time with the Kids

If you and your spouse have children, it is important that they are kept out of any conflicts. Instead of battling it out over the dinner table, try dividing the time each of you spends with the kids. If you and your spouse are unable to spend time together now without disagreements erupting, try to divide up the time you have with the kids. 

For instance, you and your spouse could agree that on certain dates, he or she spends time at home with the kids while you make yourself scarce. Your spouse could return the favor on the other dates. 

Living together while divorcing can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Consult with a family lawyer about other things you can do to keep peace in your home.