Common Divorce Mistakes You Should Avoid

Going through a divorce can be a stressful experience. The prolonged court battles can take a toll on your daily routine. It is essential to hire a divorce attorney to help you through this ordeal. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when filing for a divorce

Failing to Have a Parenting Plan

If you have children, it is essential to establish a parenting plan when filing for a divorce. You must decide, among other things, how holidays will be spent, where your children will reside, and who will make emergency decisions for them. Many parties in a divorce often agree to a parenting plan that doesn't consider their family's needs. This can lead to conflict after the divorce is finalized.

It is normal to assume that a parenting plan can be amended later, and this is what causes many to make a plan that isn't well thought out. Some avoid making a parenting plan thinking they will always get along with their ex-spouse.

In some states, it is difficult to change your parenting plan. One of the conditions that need to be met before changing your parenting plan is showing a change in circumstances that you didn't anticipate when you made your last plan. It is important to seek the counsel of a divorce lawyer to help you make a parenting plan that is acceptable several years after your divorce.

Hiding Marital Assets

For many spouses, divorce presents the opportunity to settle old scores. To avenge unfair treatments, a spouse may lie to the court or try to hide marital assets. You should avoid dishonesty in your affidavits and other official court statements.

Lying in court can cause you to lose substantial ground in your divorce case. It will lead to the nullification of any settlements that have been made in the divorce case. This is because lying will provide sufficient grounds for your ex-spouse to appeal final divorce decrees. Furthermore, dishonest conduct can subject you to criminal charges of fraud.

Getting into a New Relationship

During a divorce, it is natural for you to seek comfort and companionship by engaging in a new relationship. However, you should avoid a new relationship until your divorce is finalized. First, if you get into a new relationship during divorce proceedings, your ex-spouse may argue they filed for divorce because of your adulterous behavior. This can negatively impact child custody arrangements.

Also, if you move in with your new partner during the divorce proceedings, the court will acknowledge this as proof that you don't require spousal support. Therefore, wait for the divorce to end and take time to heal and adjust before getting involved in a new relationship.

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