Common Child Custody Case Mistakes Lawyers Can Help You Avoid

Getting divorced is never easy, particularly when you have children. Other than creating several emotional tensions, you may face additional problems while creating an ideal child custody arrangement. The best thing to do is get a child custody lawyer. Their job is to ensure the child's interests are protected and show the court that their interests align with your case. 

Whether you would like to be the residential parent or wish to get some weekend visits, you shouldn't engage in behaviors that could ruin the case irrevocably. Here are common behaviors your child custody lawyer will not recommend if you want to see your children regularly or win the custody case.

Piling Digital Evidence That Might Not Work in Your Favor

Most people are accustomed to sharing everything about their lives on social media sites. While undergoing a child custody battle, you could be tempted to rant on Facebook, send your spouse angry texts, or share a few tweetstorms. Putting up such messages on social media or sending emails and SMS will create evidence that may be used in court against you. 

Your lawyer will recommend that you avoid sending threatening, angry, nasty, or vindictive messages against your ex-spouse or ranting violently when you see them. Also, you will be asked to keep your social sites clean of photos, posts, or messages that could make the court think you are unfit to raise or visit the children.

Choosing Not to Compromise or Cooperate with Your Ex

Even if you have strong negative feelings about the other parent, you shouldn't act on them or put the feelings above your kids' interests. Child custody lawyers recommend you communicate reasonably with your former spouse to convince the judge that you aren't taking away the children to hurt your ex. 

Always keep a constructive and open dialogue, and if you cannot handle it, allow the child custody lawyer to represent you. The lawyer isn't as emotionally involved, so they can take a stand or compromise as needed.

Flouting Court Orders

Any temporary orders or directions that are given to you as you battle the child custody case should be followed. If you disobey an order, the judge will conclude you are disrespectful or ignorant, which won't work in your favor when the judge is offering the final judgment. So, ensure you follow all the court orders and work with a lawyer to avoid making blunders that could possibly affect the final verdict.

For more information, reach out to a family law firm near you.