3 Reasons You Should Hire A Lawyer For Your Uncontested Divorce

Far too many people make the mistake of thinking there is no need to hire a lawyer when filing for an uncontested divorce. However, the simple fact that you both agree on the need to end your marriage does not mean that you should take on the legal task of dissolving your marriage without proper legal representation. You can learn more below about three of the reasons why you should hire an uncontested divorce lawyer to represent you in these proceedings.

#1: Addressing The Issue Of Property Division

If your marriage resulted in the acquisition of any marital or real property, this property will need to be divided as part of your divorce settlement. If you and your spouse are unable to agree on how to divide this property, the judge overseeing your case will make this decision for you. Consequently, it is always in your best interest to try and reach an agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. An uncontested divorce lawyer can help you accomplish this goal by using tools such as mediation. Once you have reached an agreement, your lawyer will also be able to draft an official settlement agreement and file this document with the court. 

#2: Addressing The Issue Of Child Custody, Support, And Visitation

If you and your spouse have children together, the issues of child custody, support, and visitation will also be addressed as part of your divorce proceedings. In many cases, dealing with these issues can be more difficult than dealing with the divorce itself. This is especially true when both parents are seeking primary custody of the child or children in question. Ensuring that you are represented by an attorney will help to ensure that you can obtain a child custody and support order that is in the best interest of both the parents and the children. 

#3: Don't Be Caught Off-Guard

Just because you and your spouse have agreed to go your separate ways does not mean that everything will go smoothly throughout the entire divorce process. After all, ending a marriage is a big decision that often stirs up some pretty serious emotions. As a result of these emotions, you may find that your spouse is adversarial despite the shared desire for a divorce. This can result in unforeseen battles over everything from spousal support to who gets to keep custody of the family pet. Hiring an uncontested divorce lawyer to represent you will ensure that you are not caught off-guard if your spouse becomes less than cooperative during your divorce proceedings.

To learn more, contact an uncontested divorce lawyer in your area.