Hiring An Experienced Auto Accident Attorney To Handle Your Wreck Case

When you cause a traffic wreck, you assume a significant amount of liability as a driver. You are responsible for any injuries and damage you cause to other motorists. You are also legally liable for any damages or injuries you cause to pedestrians and property owners.

These liabilities can become severely expensive and cost you far more than you can afford to pay. Rather than admit guilt or pay out these expenses without argument, you may protect yourself legally by hiring an experienced auto accident attorney to represent you.

Solidifying the Facts

You may have had no intention of causing a wreck when you got behind the wheel of your car. You might have been careful while driving and paid close attention to traffic and events going on around you.

When you have an auto accident attorney on retainer to represent you, you can find out if there were any other circumstances that caused you to wreck. For example, the city might have failed to sand or de-ice the roads after an ice or snowstorm. The county may also have failed to patch a pothole that you had to swerve to avoid driving over and damaging your car.

Your auto accident attorney may use these facts to lower or eliminate any liability you have to assume as a driver. He or she may compel other parties, such as the city or county, to pay out some or all of the damages stemming from the wreck.

Avoiding Excess Litigation

Your auto accident attorney can also make sure you only pay for those liabilities for which you are truly responsible. The other motorists or people involved in the wreck may try to sue you for more money than what is legally allowable where you live. Your auto accident attorney can make sure any legal action against you is in line with what the laws allow and reasonable for the circumstances of the wreck.

Avoiding Jail Time

Finally, your auto accident attorney may help you avoid jail time for causing a wreck. He or she can argue for a lower sentence if you are found to be criminally negligent. You may escape with lesser punishments like a fine or community service.

An auto accident attorney can help gather and reveal facts surrounding your wreck. Your lawyer may compel other parties to share or assume liabilities for it. He or she may also advocate for you to shield you from undue lawsuits and criminal punishments. For more information on auto accident law, contact a professional near you.