Infidelity Investigations & Divorce

If you are considering a divorce, you may have concerns that your spouse has been unfaithful. Unfortunately, many people are not faithful to their spouses. In fact, many marriages end because of spouses committing infidelity. As a result, you may consider having your spouse investigated for infidelity. What Is An Infidelity Investigation? Some people turn to infidelity investigations to catch a cheating spouse because they have too many emotions about the topic.

Child Custody And International Travel

A divorce can be fraught with confrontation and disagreements between you and your spouse. One area that is particularly challenging for divorcing couples to navigate is child custody. If you have family that lives abroad or you just enjoy traveling with your children, this international travel could pose a unique challenge when it comes to settling on a custody arrangement both you and your spouse agree on. Talk through these important aspects of international travel as you work to iron out child custody issues in the future.

Three Reasons Why Some States Force A Legal Separation Prior To A Divorce

In several states, you can hire a divorce attorney and file for a divorce, but you will be forced to wait for the finalization of your divorce. The law in these states requires a minimum of one year legal separation before making the divorce final. The only exception is in cases of domestic violence and rape where one spouse is hurting the other, or hurting the children. Then it takes a few weeks to a few months to finalize the divorce.