3 Potential Legal Issues Associated With Artificial Insemination

Starting a family is a dream many young couples across the United States share. For those who are unable to conceive naturally, one way to add a child to the family is through artificial insemination. If you are thinking of investing in artificial insemination in the near future, here are three potential legal issues you will need to be aware of. 1. Complications receiving child support in the event of a divorce.

Paternity Tests: How You Can Challenge Them

Is someone saying that you have a child? If you don't think you are the father, then you need to consider a paternity test. If someone else is saying that they are the father of a baby that you believe to be yours, a paternity test is also needed. If a test is performed and you believe that the paternity is inaccurate, you will want to challenge the results. Essentially, there are three primary ways in which you can challenge a paternity test.

3 Issues to Remember in a Late-Life Divorce

Even though the issues might not be the same, a late-in-life divorce can be just as complicated or more as one involving a young couple. There are many special issues that need to be considered when determining how to split assets and debts. To help ensure you and your spouse consider those issues, here are some situations that typically come up in a late-life divorce.  Health Care and Medical Condition

4 Ways to Live Together after Filing for Divorce

Even if you and your spouse both want a divorce, it can sometimes be difficult to gather the financial resources to immediately separate. As a result, you and your spouse could end up living together after the divorce papers have been filed and before the actual divorce occurs. Here are some tips to help you and your spouse co-exist while going through a divorce. Check the State Laws In some states, you have to be physically separated for a period of time before your divorce can be finalized.

It Wasn't Me: 6 Common Defenses Used In The Courtroom

When you find yourself in trouble with the law, your first thought is likely to come up with a defense to protect yourself in court. While the type of defenses available to you depend on the crime, you will likely need a good criminal defense attorney to help protect your rights. These are the most common defenses used in court, and you may find it helpful to understand them. If any of these examples relate to your case, ensure that you relate them to your lawyer ahead of time.