Ways To End Your Marriage: 3 Types Of Divorces

The end of a marriage is certain to be a difficult time. You may experience some financial and emotional challenges during this time. Being able for two people always to agree on everything can be problematic in a marriage. If your marriage is going badly and you think that divorce may be your best option, it's ideal to know the right type to select Contested divorce If one of the spouses wants to end the marriage and the other one doesn't, you may need to consider getting a contested divorce.

2 Tips For Filing For Conservatorship Over A Sick Parent While They Are Married

A conservator is someone who has been granted the rights to take care of another adult. This involves having control over medical and living conditions. A conservator is typically granted when the adult is no longer able to care for themselves. Conservators are commonly granted in cases involving dementia and other mental diseases. If the adult is married, the conservator is naturally expected to be the person's spouse. However, there are cases in which the spouse refuses to care for the adult.

How Will My Divorce Affect My 401K?

Divorce is rarely pretty, especially when it comes time to divide the marital assets. If you or your spouse has a 401k retirement plan, the funds that have accumulated are fair game for the settlement. You have legal claim to your spouse's retirement funds, just as he or she has legal claim to yours. The best way to reach an equitable agreement where retirement funds are concerned is to do your research ahead of time so you have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations regarding splitting up a 401k in the event of a divorce:

What Do You Do If Your Spouse Takes Your Children Out Of The Country And Won't Return?

What do you do if your spouse takes your children out of the U.S. and won't return them? You may believe that your spouse is planning to divorce you and trying to go forum shopping, looking for a court that will grant him or her exclusive custody of the kids and cut you off from them entirely. If he or she was born in the other country or has strong family ties there, you might be right.

Don't Ruin Your Own Custody Case

Sometimes parents become their own worst enemies when they're in the middle of an ugly custody battle. If you and your ex are fighting for custody of your child, you need to understand two things very well: how the judge decides who gets custody and how not to destroy your own case. Who gets custody and why? Ultimately, judges award custody based on what they believe to be in a child's "